Atelier Rêve is a French-inspired clothing universe that pays homage to and embraces women and their dreams. With many beautiful details and a focus on quality in bright colours and prints, Atelier Rêve makes every woman feel beautiful and unique.

The BLEND collection – these are powerful, modern European styles and carefully crafted jeans, made for urban life. BLEND captivates with its expressive designs on the pulse of time.

With high quality and styles that are the perfect way to express your personality all year round, b.young represents "value for money".

CASUAL FRIDAY is the rebellion against traditional Scandinavian menswear. With a special eye for details, youthful styles and bold fashion, its styles are created with exactly this special twist.

Fransa is primarily aimed at women who like to dress elegantly yet casually, and who have a strong sense of style and quality. Fransa collections are a perfect blend of chic and casual.

Fransa Plus Size Selection is a new sub-brand that sums up the essence of Fransa. It focuses on the quality-conscious woman who does not compromise on comfort, and beautiful, feminine styling that embraces the curvy shape.

FQ1924 – these are newly interpreted fashion classics that combine Scandinavian design tradition with cool details – in line with the latest trends. FQ1924 is for those who appreciate a casual lifestyle and cool, meaningful styling, and who love quality, honest craftsmanship and details.

Exceptional fashion for the edgy, fun-loving and sophisticated city girl. ICHI is a cheerful mix of styles and never fails to surprise when it comes to the use of fabrics, shapes and colours.

INDICODE explores and challenges boundaries, with the goal of being a better men's brand: better in manufacturing and better for our planet.

Urban casual style from Denmark. 11 PROJECT is your everyday companion and underlines your lifestyle: sporty, young and with a love for detail. Experience the city with all its facets!

OXMO embodies modern, Danish style – designed in Germany. Authentic and sporty. New interpretations of classic basics that are made for the street, the gym or the couch. In short: the perfect everyday companions!

It's been a long time since the first PULZ jeans were born. In 2007, to be exact. PULZ has accumulated years of experience and uses it every day. Always with one goal in mind: to make the best jeans.

!SOLID is a cool, relaxed and fashionable men's fashion brand with a spectrum of products that is divided into different concepts. Each of them reflects a unique style direction.

It depends on your mood, and how you feel, right now. Choose comfywear from TheJoggConcept. It is filled with colourful vitamins, and gives you naturalness and strength.